Sports play is vital for shaping up the personality and fitness of a person and to give a global experience to all the students. An on-campus sports environment is provided to all the students. Since its establishment, the Sports department has played a vital role in student’s life to reshape their personality and add values like Team work and Positive attitude.

It is the constant endeavour of the college to see that the students grow intellectually as well as physically. The College regularly organizes Inter College competitions in various Cultural and Sports events and motivate students to participate in Inter Collegiate Tournaments. Besides providing physical and mental discipline, they inculcate in students the noble qualities of team spirit, discipline, sportsmanship and self-confidence. A large playground in the campus is well equipped for Cricket, Volley-ball, Kabaddi, Shuttle, Tennicoit, Throw-ball, Caroms, Chess and other games. Our motive is to maximize access, development and excellence at all levels of participation in cultural and sport activities in order to improve social cohesion, nation building and the quality of life.

Our students bagged many prizes in the tournaments organized by many prestigious organizations. Students won the competitions in Cricket, Kabaddi, Carroms, Tennicot, Chess and Volley-ball at various Intercollegiate levels.